What is Alam Barzah (Unseen Nature)

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Undoubtedly, all humans who live on earth, since God created Adam to the last man on Judgment Day, always discuss the nature of death. humans always want to discuss essence as a whole, without additions, deficiencies, and prejudices.

Barzah nature

So that there are no mistakes in matters such as the nature of barzah, the verses of Allah and reality have explained and determined to us nature, even though it hides the data of this method. because, this includes the test that God gave to humans.

From the verses revealed by Allah, we can know the secret of why Allah conceals the nature of the unseen, it is to test the human mind with something that can show the existence of a creator without instructions that can be felt by the five senses and seen by the eyes, angels, genie, and the nature of the universe that puzzled scientists in understanding it to this day, as well as the process of resurrection and doomsday, and the nature of barzakh.


All of these facts have been explained by the Qur'an and as-Sunnah. However, both of them do not explain the procedure. factor because Indra's shape cannot be known, both vision and hearing. For example, the procedure of residing Allah above the Throne which has been explained in the Qur'an, Surat Al-Hadidi: 4

All of us humans know with him. but our ordinances do not know. because how can we know it, whereas we can't see and feel it. this case is a notification from God that we know in the world, and we can witness the procedure on the Day of Judgment. at that time, everything that was hidden in the world would be revealed to humans.

Nature barzah is one of the unseen realms that has been explained to us but is hidden procedure. therefore, if we read books that explain the nature of the barzah, we will get a very big difference about the theme. the factor is because the book adheres to the hadith of limp even maudhuk ', which could have happened without them intentionally.

Maybe the point is just to scare a Muslim back into his God for fear of his torment in the barzah world. as many people call nature barzah or grave nature as the house of snakes, scorpions, maggots and other names that do not have the right foundation.


Therefore I call the nature of Baarzah not a grave, because the nature of the barzah is not only confined to the buried excavation hole called a hole. nature barzah is the vast world after death, where the power of God will appear, so that we know the blessings given to people who believe in nature and may be given torment to unbelievers. thus the problem is not in a hole no more than 2 m long and not more than 1 meter wide. But problems and cases that occur after death.



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