📷 📷 Thursday 📷 📷:- I have prepared my farm wheat crop. This crop is grown in environments

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I have done today's presentation on my farm. I have prepared my farm wheat crop. This crop is grown in the environments. This is the main produce of millions of people. For good yield Due to this, the productivity of winter wheat is more than the winter wheat. Keeping in mind the quality, wheat is divided into two categories.
Wheat is not only an energy booster but also a very useful medicinal product. There are also many reputations. But due to changes in the weather the crops are often ruined. We can make a good yield of our wheat. Not only do you get affected by climate change. Which can withstand hot winds and which needs less water. Given the climate change and increasing demand, we need good wheat product. In which we need to find new ways.

‌‌‌मैने आज की प्रस्तुति अपने खेत पर की है। मैनें अपने खेत गेहूँ की फसल तैयार की है। यह फसल वातावरणों में उगाई जाती है। यह लाखों लोगों की मुख्य उपज है। यह अच्छी उपज के लिए। इस कारण शीतकालीन गेहूँ की उत्पादकता वंसतकालीन गेहूँ की तुलना में अधिक हाती है। गुणवत्ता को ध्यान में रखकर गेहूँ को दो श्रेणियों में विभाजित किया गया है।
गेहूं सिर्फ एक बलवर्धक अनाज ही नही, बल्कि एक बेहतरीन उपयोगी औषधी भी है। इसके अनेक फयादे भी होते है। लेकिन मौसम में बदलाव के कारण फसलें अक्सर बर्बाद हो जाती है। हम अपने गेहूं की एक अच्छी पैदावार कर सकते है। सिर्फ आपको जलवायु परिवर्तन से प्रभावित न हो। जो गर्म हवाओं को सह सके और जिसे कम पानी की जरुरत हो। हमे जलवायु परिवर्तन और बढ़ती हुई मांग को देखते हुए गेहूं की अच्छी उत्पाद की जरुरत है। जिसमें हमे नये तरीके खोजने की जरुरत है।

📷 Thursday For Photography : The first few months are very important for wheat harvest.





Here is my 137th (365), entry for the Photography photo contest! Original Photography Enjoy!

Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone by: LG

This is my entry Bearshares for today. Thanks for reading

The first few months are very important for wheat harvest.

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Awesome brother good ghraphy


thank you bro!

weather is a challenge for farmers, believe me there is always a way to achieve good results ... happy work and get a good harvest ... Thanks for sharing..


By the way, It always works hard.

Hermosas toma mi gran amigo @ahlawat como en los viejos tiempos saludos y muchas bendiciones pues.


thank you! same to you!

You are a great farmer, you are able to analyze all about wheat crops, hope this season's wheat harvest is satisfying.


This time the crop yields 300.5 kg. this is very good

cool photography


thanks for support!

This is nice brother. You are pretty good at vegetation and thats awesome. Nice of you to share with us buddy. Do well to also show some love and vote on my post. One love....💝💝


Friends always keep ahead. In my support you are the forefront. But I have made myself behind me.


I dont really understand. We support each other yeah? But i hardly see your votes in my bearshares post buddy,and its really sad...😥😥


The most beloved friend you have. I am supporting you from the beginning. Never talked about anything. You are a best friend.