Bears listed on Bitshares => vote @bilalhaider for witness

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Hi everyone,

I am happy to let you know that we have listed, BEARS to bitshares decentral crypto exchange.

What does it mean?

You can now trade your BEARS against other cryptocurrencies.

Trading Pairs


Total 1,000,000 BEARS are issued initially for sale

700,000 against BTC
100,000 against openETH
100,000 against rudexETH
100,000 against BTS

How to Transfer BEARS that i purchased from bitshares? to bearshares ==> Withdraw:

In order to withdraw BEARS from bitshares to, you need to send BEARS from your bitshares account to bilal-haider, include your bearshares username in memo/message part of transaction,we use @bilal-haider bitshares account because it is issuer of BEARS tokens at bitshares.
It can take upto 24 hours to process withdrawal.

How to Transfer BEARS to bitshares? from my bearshares account? ==> Deposit:

In order to deposit BEARS to bitshares, you need to send BEARS to @bearshares, include your bitshares username in memo section of transaction. it can take upto 24 hours to credit BEARS to your bitshares account.

Can I buy BEARS using BTC, ETH and BTS ?

Yes you can absolutely buy BEARS with any of these crypto currencies. Login to your bitshares account, deposit your desired crypto currency and purchase BEARS

Can I deposit just now ?

You need to understand, that we need to sell issued tokens first(consider it an ICO) then we will start crediting deposits from members to bitshares.
We will announce at our discord group, when we will start crediting your deposits to bitshares.


Bearshares is issuing 1 Million BEARS for sale,

  1. 10% of the sales, will be used for bearshares expenses etc
  2. 90% remaining we will put back in market and open trading for public

for example, 10 BTC worth of BEARS are sold, 1 BTC goes to platform expenses, 9 BTC is put back into the market
to buy BEARS back.
This means, 90% goes to content creators :)

How do we maintain Transparency ?

We will publish transparency reports, on daily basis, via @bearshares account. Which is the account we plan to use for exchanges.

If you have any doubts/questions you can ask in comments.

Bilal Haider

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This Is Great News For All Of Us Thanks Bilal Bro


you are welcome.. I will try my best to bring more :)


Great news my friend... thanks to @bilalhaider

Wow this is the best news I have heard today
Congratulations to the team behind this success,I wish you more grace to do more

Bears to the 🌒


I was also super happy .. and wanted to share this news with everyone badly :)

Great news my friend:)

Good news for us all @bilalhaider; I believe it adds a sense of "legitimacy" to a venue when the tokens are listed and tradeable on public exchanges.

Unrelated question: Why is your witness listed as disabled?


@denmarkguy Thanks for letting me know, I put it back online. :)

wahhhh, this is very great, Brother. @Bilal-Haider.

Excuse me, please make a little video snippet about this transaction, so that people who are familiar with this matter can easily understand it, thank you very much for the information.

This is the best news ever for this platform! We are making such great progress here! Next stop, the moon! :)

BTW you can contact rudex and make this process automatic as it is on smoke!


We already mentioned, in discord announcement. easydex is going to automate this after we sell our initial issue tokens.



Fantastic! I just sent some Bears to test it out! I might buy tons with BTS!

Thanks a lot!


I think, i forgot to mention that we need to sell issued tokens first then we will process deposits from members. but if you want to buy with BTS, you can already do so :)


Yes, so what's going to happen with the bears I sent already? :(


don't worry, will be refunded. :)


thank you.

Big news 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 For the whole team.

This is fantastic. It surely erases all doubt from people's minds.

Lemme go spread the news 👍

Excellent step forward, I think it has advanced on the left and right with this maneuver. I have tried a shipment before the modification, yes, it seems normal to me that some sales must first be made of what is available. I have received the return without problems since at other times everything is correct. @bilalhaider


@phototalent and please next time only use username .. not the link, I mean when we will start accepting deposits.

Wow, great new my friend.. thanks to @bilalhaider and team who make it happened.


Good breakthrough... Key it up. The sky is the starting point.

The journey is now becoming a reality , no longer just a dream. My promo bear here i come with great pace... Nice work Guys..

It has happened... Greatest news for the day.
Congratulations to the bearers, the sky is our starting point

Thanks, @bilalhaider for this action now everyone happy for this initiative.


Awesome :) it's probably the time to start promotions.

the best reward for all of us here is to see how we can make things work if we believe in something and work for it, congratulations to all

That's great, am happy the platform is progressing.


We are all happy today :)

Great news😊👍, this is a very big step forward!

Another BIG MILESTONE cheers Bearshares, today is the day of Bearer's. And thanks to @bilalhaider and team who make it happened.


You are welcome, and Yes indeed it is a great day .. I wanted to list after 1000 members, but members were becoming a pain :p had to list it sooner.


That's great you made it now. It's a lesson for the one who stay away from us and murmur that bearshares is a scam. Also it's an inspirations for the one to join the community who is in the cutting edge.


as I said in previous posts, help bearshares and It will help you.
forget people who blabber .. they deserve not to be here with us..


Finally Bearshares proven it’s consistency of success, congratulations to every single person for their efforts and support, special congratulations to team #Bearshares and #Bilalhaider for their unstoppable efforts.


yes, it's a day of celebration :)

Big thanks to thewalrus and patelincho for organising this. I am gonna sit tight with most of my supply but this greatly improves the situation here and I will be able to start spending some time working on integration with bearshares and possibly a future upgrade of the core system.



Indeed, they point my attention to it, I wasn't aware of how bitshares worked before. but process of listing was very simple.
and yes you need to update the core system.

Hola muy buena noticia excelente trabajo

It's a happy Friday for bearshares, more and more is to come.. I believe so.


More things coming soon :) .. more surprises soon

How much is one beat yo bitshare or bitcoin

Que buena información amigo, poco a poco está plataforma crecerá y será muy nombrada entre las demas que existen saludos @bilalhaider

Congratulations to team BearShares for being listed on an exchange. we can start preparing for our merchant acceptance of BearShare for purchase for our products and services, as soon as market becomes stable u can place ur order via our telegram channel

Wow,this is great. Bearshares to the moon. Thank you sir @bilalhaider


very soon, to the moon :)



This is a big step in the right direction. Great work :)


I never thought, this will be considered a big step .. but I like it that you guys are excited about it.

Exciting Journey ahead and I am so happy I did not miss this shuttle thank you bilalhaider I would have climbed on the roof if I had to, welcome aboard the Bear Train everybody. Thank you. :0)

When we send token from website to exchanges, it initiates instantly. Why token transfer will take 24 hrs. here?

I don't see BEARS market on BitShares. is this still up?