Giving shoutout to Supporters ==> Participated in Discount sale

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I am making this post because I wanted to say thanks to everyone, who participated in a discount sale offer :)
they all know they didn't need to buy cause they had enough coins in their wallets but still, they supported
so Thanks to all

@bilal-crypto-tra ==> 200$ in Bitcoin
@nnarvaez ==> 50$ in SBD
@me-tarzan ==> 20$ in SBD
@fun2learn ==> 10.9$ in SBD
@halo ==> 10$ in SBD
@patelincho ==> 10$ in SBD
@phototalent ==> 10$ in SBD
@spinbunny ==> 10$ in SBD
@chidiebere ==> 5$ in SBD
@hilltop ==> 3$ in SBD
@kshitiz ==> 3$ in SBD
@hondaxr007 => 1$ in SBD
@mgibson => 1$ in SBD
@lyubovbar => 1$ in SBD

==> estimated 334$ total, enough to extend the server for another 6 months. and domain name to few years

But it's not enough to open an exchange, or to list on an exchange or take you to the moon :)

So don't ask me those kinds of questions :p

How to change that ?

Promote project to your friends and family, invite them in here. ask them to invest. Or probably just sell your own coins which you have earned and support project with your sales ..

Discount sale is still not closed and you can purchase BEARS at the rate 0.01$/BEAR ..

visit this link and see how ..

It's a project being built by the members themselves, the members of the platform are the TEAM.
So Start working .. otherwise don't expect it to grow.

Bilal Haider

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More grease to your elbow @bilalhaider


Thanks :) In fact, that's the only reason I keep on pushing .. because I have support from people like you :)

I hope more would join in to participate in this sale whether they need the coins or not. Taking active actions like this does show their commitment in building bearshares together as a community.


Indeed, everyone trusts me. and I trust them, and I am sure, we are going to get huge soon


I decide to do a second purchase to support bearshares. I did a post after my second purchase. Hopefully it may get more people to participate and get the fire going to purchase and support bearshares actively.

how many bears per steem?


it is 100 BEARS for 1 SBD ..

Good lucky :)


Thanks @patelincho

Hi Bilal
I’m going to invest to I’m waiting for my steem will be released from the “Steem Power”.
Please vote for me for motivation 😉

Ohh thanks a ton for a shoot out dear @bilalhaider let me know how much we do need in order to make it to the exchange and how can I be a witness as I am here to support my fellow members and the whole community.