First time here. Introduction in Bearshares

in bearshares •  2 months ago

A few months ago I received information about bearshares, my busy life prevented me from joining Bearshares, but a few days ago, I was appointed to join the Bearshares platform through referral @zahidsun.

After registering, I finally became a member of bearshares, I still didn't have time to make my first post, but today, I started making my first post in bearshares along with introducing myself to this good platform.

My experience in blockchain media was first steemit, but unfortunately, I was rarely active there.

Then I switched to the weku platform about 4 months ago, until now I am still active there, if you are also weku user you can visit me on weku with my name @cekmae


I am a student at the largest Islamic education school in Aceh-Indonesia.

I am from Indonesia, my real name is Muhammad zaki Al-fatany, I am often called Jack. But here (bearshares) you meet my name with @cekmae. of course I choose special reasons.

What I want to say in my first post is that I am happy to be able to join the platform bearshares, and I try to write things that are quality, useful, certainly come from the skills and creative ideas.

I am happy if my friend Bearshares welcomes me with a happy and joyful heart.

Thank you.

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You're welcome


@mellila, you here?😄😁

welcome to being here