Bought 50 $ whorth of BEARS on the big sale, and will be buying more but i need your help

in bearshares •  2 months ago

I saw this post, and i am greedy!

We now have over 850 members I believe this is the correct number so if every member would invest just $10.00 that would be $8,500.00 towards not just Bearshares success but also your own individual success .

My point is what is a $10.00 investment for what could make you a wealthy person someday . You can send a minimum 1 SBD or upto 2500 SBD to @anonbot steemit account . I have just purchased $10.00 and received 1000 Bears and I hope all members will do the same not just to help Bearshares but also to help themselves .

I need your help too!

I am coding non stop since i entered the game, you can see all the progress i am posting as Proof of work.

Vote my witness please, and lets make this blockchain what steemit failed to be.

Go here to see how to purchase your Bearshares on sale

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