Just Bought some Bears on SALE

in bearshares •  2 months ago

Hello everyone please help Bearshares to be successful by purchasing some Bears on sale .
Bearshares is still a baby and needs some money to pay the bills.

Here is the just of it Bearshares needs to grow so that your Bears will be worth real money in the future . All of us Bearshares members we are in on the ground floor of this project so we will be the ones that will benefit the most when Bearshares succeeds . In order for Bearshares to succeed it will require investors to invest seed money and that would be us .
We now have over 850 members I believe this is the correct number so if every member would invest just $10.00 that would be $8,500.00 towards not just Bearshares success but also your own individual success .
My dad always said it takes money to make money . My point is what is a $10.00 investment for what could make you a wealthy person someday . You can send a minimum 1 SBD or upto 2500 SBD to @anonbot steemit account . I have just purchased $10.00 and received 1000 Bears and I hope all members will do the same not just to help Bearshares but also to help themselves .

Go here to see how to purchase your Bearshares on sale


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Wow... This is a great example form you. Let's look forward to group the community and the project together.

Awesome. I wish I can buy some too soon.

I already bought 10.9 SBD of bears yesterday and I also did a post about it talking about my little ways in supporting bearshares.