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Wealth or power without Impact, is a Waste!!!!!

A good friend of mine, whom I admire and respect so much Switch once said and I quote

"there's no usefulness of power without Impact. That is not used to affect humanity positively. We are made for each other, we are made to help one another, we were never designed to live in isolation, that is why we are humans, and not animals, apes living in animal kingdom; all of the consequences of our actions affects the other person, whether we choose to accept it or not, it is an undeniable reality"......

You are a compendium of compassion, care,love solidarity, you have become a beacon of hope to the hopeless, you have become a shoulder to lean on and a chest to rest upon because of your simplicity, your perception about human existence and realities, sometimes, most times its not about the money but it is about helping the voiceless to echoed to the farthest corners of the earth, helping humanity that they have a life of value, importance and necessity, which could amount to inestimable productivity, promotion of values, preservation and protection of human dignity, standing for truth, right ideologies, embracing moral philosophy in an atmosphere of equal opportunity.
Dear bearers, when we look around us, we will see how blessed humanity is through this vessels here to bring a lasting growth and change, but the focal point is that we all can do so much by doing something, starting from a little thing, such as lifting a finger of burden off another's back, such that we do not have to wait for what our country, our government can do for us, but instead find something we can do right from the comfort of our homes, our offices, business places, market place, construction sites, palatial residences, etc thereby promoting values, protecting lives, promoting dignity of humanity, dignity of labour and thence creating a world and a wall of transparency, accountability and wholly responsibility. We all are doing a great job, let us keep up the good work, let's keep on doing our best, making impacts, imparting lives, standing for the truth, justice and peace, and development, once we continue with this our world will be a better place.

I say yes to a better world, a better community, a better BEARSHARES, a better society, where there is no marginalisation, nepotism, ethnicism and violence, war, hatred but love, unreserved love, unsentimental love, an unbiased love. One love keep us together..







Thank you once again


Thank you bearshares, One love to you all. Let's keep the flag flying....


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Wow!!! So kind of you, i love them too. Hope they see this


Thanks. I hope they see it too. You can help with a rebears..... If you don't mind. Thanks for stopping by

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