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Since the beginning of this season, I've been seeing tweets celebrating GOT's apparent enforcement of feminist ideologies:

  • There's that "powerful" scene between Sansa and Daenerys, where Danny says that they're both alike in being women in power in a man's world, and having to work twice as hard to earn men's respect. Generated many tweets and memes.
  • There's the knighting of Brienne of Tarth, and the "fuck tradition" speech from Tormund that preceedes it. Was dubbed "favorite scene" and generated many motivational posts.
  • Then, Lyanna Mormornt kills a giant.


  • And Arya kills the Night King. Both were seen as giving women "powerful" and "important" roles in a show as epic as GOT.
    Also, the fact that the most powerful person in GOT is a woman has always been celebrated.
    Same reason many people stan Cersei as a strategic and calculative "strong woman" even with the obvious evil her character depicts.
    Apparently, some people are now taking offence that GOT is reinforcing the "scorned woman" narrative by making Danny-- "strong woman" that she is, degenerate into becoming the Mad Queen over some pettiness.
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This is very fantastic. In this he plays his character very well. I have only seen only two parts of it.