Do we really need Bear Dollar?

in bsd •  29 days ago

Currently bearshares has two currencies. These are BSD and BEARS. BEARS is the native cryptocurrency bearshares. And BSD is stablecoin(?). Actually, this is just a joke. BSD is not equal to the dollar, if you look at today's price. And will never be equal.

Otherwise, you will have to raise the cost of BSD by 1000 times. It's impossible. Too big gap between these values.

Then the question arises - what is the meaning of existence in Bear Dollar?

This is worthless token. If BEARS ever comes to a large exchange, we will have to add two tokens at once. This is not an easy work. Maybe focus on promoting one?

Since both tokens cost roughly the same, I think BSD can be converted to BEARS in a 1:1 ratio.

Other steem-like blockchains also simplify the current system.

I know that haven't a serey dollar. It seems reasonable to me.

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