Crisp Winter Air

in california •  2 months ago

Hi Friends,

We have had an unusually wet winter this year in Southern California, and the rain has continued periodically this week and more is expected this week.

The storms have been batch-y, so there is a period of storm clouds and rain, and then a break with blue skies and sunshine. Today was no exception - it rained from about 5am - 7:30:am, but then the rain was gone. Once the rain clears, the air is really crisp and fresh - here is a picture from this morning about an hour after the rain stopped (I was volunteering with a nonprofit for a little bit so this was their campus):


While a picture can’t capture the fresh, after rain air, I think you can get the picture based on my description.

Thanks for coming by today!


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The magic in southern california is simply irresistible!


Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by today. 👍🏻

California is really on of the most beautiful place in the world. The morning is so fresh and beautiful. Have a nice day.


Thanks, and I appreciate you coming by my friend!

I don't know why but the recent weather conditions around the world are unusual. Probably because of global warming.

Well, enjoy the crisp air :)


Thanks! Not sure why, but I will take it!

So bright. Nice view from over here. Good shot @brian.rrr,have a great week ahead!!!!


Appreciate that my friend!

Through the picture, I see serenity and calmness of environment.


Thanks, it was a very pretty day!