CONTEST : 100BSD to win

in contest •  15 days ago

SEND a minimum of 100 Bastion (=+-1.00EUR) to 3PKKJfpg21t4PrTJxXjVzF7FvKudoyRQeD9 (issuer address)
In the transaction, note : BSD Action

Put your wave wallet in comment with amount of token you sent and transaction id

The 100 bsd will be shared to all eligible participants, following the amount of bastion they sent.

Distribution will occur after payout.

How to buy

Just visit :
Get a wave wallet :

Tokens are for sale with direct banking wire, but also available for waves token there :
{warning this link will only open if you have a waves wallet already)

See you around the 13th of may for the distribution.


This contest is the first of its kind and will reoccur as often as possible if it goes well.

The token you buy will help a family to get their shelter

Become a citizen

You will also receive a fantasy title on our website as donator on this page :

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No one participated...
We shall keep the 100BSD that noone wanted obvsiouly.

The question is : Is this a good sign for this blockchain ?