Hey Bearshares, here's a quick introduction to BANANO

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

So this is the first post of BANANO at bearshares. All feedback is highly appreciated! Let's keep it short to give you a first impression:

What is BANANO?
BANANO is a rather new cryptocurrency that allows feeless and instant transactions, and it's not only environmental friendly but also lots of fun since we have memes, monKeys and games. BANANO aims to make cryptocurrency usage much easier, and especially aims to help people gets started. So even if you are bored from Bitcoin, maybe give it a second chance.

You'll see we don't only have monKeys and make getting started with crypto fun, we also give BANANO away for free in Faucet Games, and we have pretty decent mobile wallets, called Kalium.

See some impressions below, let us know if you have questions, and follow the links below if you want to learn more!

Join the Banano republic!
banano.cc (official Website)
banano.how (help getting started)


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