Dad Tip of the Day: Swim Class

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Dad Tip of the Day: Teach and encourage your kids to swim as there are numerous benefits.

Many kids love swimming. It is a great summer activity that allows them to have fun and get their energy out. As parents, we usually enjoy swimming and hanging out with the kids in the pool as it is a good way for us to relax as well.

Some adults turn to swimming for exercise, and that makes sense as it is a good way to work your muscles and get a cardiovascular workout. For kids, the same benefits apply as well, and I found a good article online that discusses the benefits of swimming for kids:

  • Something kids can do for the rest of their lives

  • Provides a challenging and fun way to stay fit

  • Teaches water safety

  • Provides cardiovascular activity that promotes heart and lung health

  • Improves stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and posture

My kids are still young, but are learning to swim at one of the local community pools as part of their summer program. The kids are having fun, and it will be great for them in the long run! Here is my wife and kids at swim class:


I enjoy swimming as well, and look forward to lots of fun in the water this summer!

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Swimming is the best exercise for body and mind. And really it's a great tips for Jacob and Kendra.

Swimming is an excellent exercise that will provide your children with skills to save them in future. I love swimming.

You did your children a good treat. Be blessed

Yeah,i totally agree. Teaching kids some basic activities like swimming will go a long way too. Am happy you guys really had fun. Smiles!!!