Dad Tip of the Day: Walks

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Dad Tip of the Day: Take your kids on walks – it gets them to see the world around them and experience new things.

As a dad, I love having adventures with my kids. Exploration is one of my favorite things, and my kids have certainly followed in my footsteps in their love for exploration.

One thing that has been beneficial to them as they have been growing up is to go on walks or hikes. Sometimes you never know where such an adventure will lead, but it always ends up being worth it as they get to see and experience new things.

There is nothing wrong with playing in the house or playing outside near the house, but there are times where being flexible and exploring can create many great learning opportunities and memories.

Here is a walk we were on recently where we were exploring a bit and having fun at the same time:


So take your kids for a walk and have an adventure!

I appreciate you reading today,


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Alright that looks fun... but who took the picture and how many takes? :)

Great tips for all. Walking has many advantages. It's just like travelling and the best way to find the world. Thanks a lot for always sharing valuable tips to grow our kids perfectly.

Time spent with the family is always worth it.
Doesn't matter if it just a simple walk or an extravagant vacation.
As long as it we had a fun and memorable time with the family.

Awwn,i really wish i can be opportuned to get to have lots of fun like you guys. Playing is fun. Thanks for sharing with us @brian.rrr

Yes... Time spent with the family is always worth it my friend.

Fathers and children should take the time to enjoy in time. Children always like to see something different. Because he learns a lot form them

Family is the best thing. Lovely pic

Best tips for the one who love and care about their kids @brian.rrr As a dad of a kid it’s my routine exercise to take my kid to nearby kids park and lil kids adventure spot to make her happy and active. More than that as you said it’s all about the new lesson for our kid from different activities..

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hi dear
I really like the work you do, I appreciate you sharing it with us
I wish you a wonderful day