Updated GraphQL server ==> How to delegate Powers?

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Hi friends,

We have an awesome tool called GraphQL, which is a great tool for programmers. It can help you build some cool apps.
but in this article, I am going to show How can you use this tool for power delegations.

How to delegate Share power to a bearshares member using GraphQL server.

  1. Visit https://graphql.bearshares.com/graphql

in the left panel type this Query, make sure you change it, and add your information

    active_key: "YOUR ACTIVE KEY HERE",
    delegator: "bilalhaider", 
    delegatee: "ruby", 
    coining_shares: "10000.000000 COINS"

Take a look at this image.

==> in active key field, type your active private key, in delegator field type your bearshares username, in delegatee field, type the user's bearshares username, to whom you are delegating powers, and coining_shares is the amount of powers you want to delegate.

1000 SP = 1000.000000 COINS

  1. After typing the required information, hit play button
  2. Confirm on explorer, if delegation was successful https://explorer.bearshares.com/@yourusername


  1. Minimum SP you can delegate is 100 SP or 100.000000 COINS
  2. You can use same method to undelegate powers, simply write 0.000000 COINS in coining_shares

If you have any questions/problems feel free to ask in comments below.

Few other methods which were added to graphQL server in this update are

  1. gen_password
  2. validate_username
  3. delegate_share_power

Bilal Haider

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Thank you, i applied it successfully...

Great work brother.

You can embed the delegation option at bearshares.com
Then we will be better than steemit.com

Awesome work


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Pls friends follow me back

Good.. The environment is quite educative.. Thanks.. New though..

Thank you for sharing.
This is very helpful.