What's the advantage of having Science?

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A meaningful life is a life that has a goal, someone lives a life that has no purpose in life which is definitely called a fool.

Successful people are people who have a meaningful life / have the right direction of life.
I speak in general. someone's success depends on what he dreams of.

Sometimes they aspire to become a pilot, they keep trying and pursuing that dream, until finally they reach the point they want. It's a success.

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Everyone, if they aspire to something and they achieve it or achieve what they expect, this is said to be successful. People who achieve what they dream of (Success) that is people have a meaningful life / have a definite life goal.

What are the basic points for success?

Is science

You need to underline this. The main foundation that every successful person must have is Science.

A close example, you want to enjoy your own fried potatoes. can you do it? of course you have to have the skills or knowledge about cooking fries, you have to know how to cut potatoes, and you have to know which flour is suitable to mix with potatoes, then how to fry potatoes, you have to know all about cooking potatoes. If you know all that, then it is called science. and you are a person who has knowledge of French fries.

So, science is the first foundation for achieving what you want.

Benefits of science

  • Achieve future goals

The example I gave you is understandable, but the topic we want to explain is very general. Everyone has their own dreams, so there is no doubt, they must have knowledge of what they aspire to. Lots of events they don't want happen when they pursue their dreams, most likely, this is due to their imperfect knowledge in understanding something they are after.

  • Meaningful Life

What is meaningful life? that's life that has the right direction and purpose. In habits, meaningful life occurs when they have been successful.Their success is due to the knowledge they have. so that science directs their lives to their worthy and righteous goals, when their success is achieved, they have everything, they have whatever they want, so life needs are met.

  • Ignorance will disappear (stupid remove)

This is normal in this world, every smart / smart person will surely be famous and magnificent in the whole world. And often, smart people are respected, glorified, and whatever they say will be heard by many people, This shows the greatness and majesty of smart people.Why can they be smart? because they have studied a part of knowledge, they study a part of knowledge, they spend time learning. so they master certain knowledge. So, they are saved from ignorance. Because letting yourself in ignorance is a bad thing.

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Bad effects for people who don't have Science

  • Success and happiness are hampered

Islamic figures Imam Al-Ghazali once said, "To achieve happiness in the world must have Science , and to achieve happiness in the hereafter must also have Science."
I unite success with happiness (I think the same) Because when they are successful they certainly feel happy. Those who are lazy to learn, chances are they are stupid, their ignorance has prevented the success they dreamed of, if success is stopped (hampered) the possibility of happiness in life do not have.

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Keep learning, learning and learning
Learning can make you smart with the knowledge you have.
And that Science can make your life directed and make you a successful person

Have a good study,
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