How important is this medical instrument?

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Today I want to do this topic related to my career and the place where I work daily,
Today I want to talk about a fundamental instrument of the doctor, "THE STETHOSCOPE"
The stethoscope is an instrument used to listen to the heartbeat, respiratory noises and abdominal noises.
This medical evaluation using the stethoscope is called auscultation.


Here I show a neonatal stethoscope, it is very similar to the adult stethoscope, the difference is:
It consists of two smaller traditional bells, one to listen to the highest frequencies, and the other side to the lower frequencies (like the adult one), it has a plastic border to avoid cold to newborns at the moment of its auscultation and they keep anatomical headphones that adjust to the ear comfortably.

I hope you will be very knowledgeable about my post vote and comment ...

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I like natural remedies.

I believe in natural remedies.


Claro que sí la medicina naturista es una de las alternativas mas antigua pero hoy en día muchos de nosotros los venezolanos hemos tenido que acudir ahora más... Debido al alto costo de los medicamentos.. saludos

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I always love learning about cool stuff! :)


Para eso estamos amigo @zone-on para cada día aprender cosas nuevas o reforzar lo que ya sabemos saludos y gracias por tu apoyo..

As everyone know the name but no one knows abouts facts...


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