DownVote(flag) feature removed from the condenser

in flag •  9 days ago

    Hi everyone,

    We have removed the flagging feature from the front end interface.
    If you have problems with the content of others, you have a few ways to resolve

    1. you can either mute them
    2. request them to remove it
    3. or just ignore them
    4. drop a comment on their post, and tell them that you don't like it.
    Deal with it, without flagging

    We want as many people as we can on the platform, The presence of people on the platform is more important than the content they post.

    according to my personal experience, flagging takes away rewards and it makes you feel bad, it makes you leave the platform. which we can't let happen

    Bilal Haider

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      No flagging anymore? so people are free to milk the reward pool? Got it


      Sure go ahead. milk the reward pool, however, you want :)


      @ruben-cress Do whatever you want, just don't leave the platform for any dumb reason.
      I don't like the fact that people are creating alternative accounts. but if that is what makes them, connect to bearshares, so why not allow them to create some.
      It is only 50 SP cost per account, even if someone creates 100 it's worth your one upvote.


      You know very well that this is already happening and hardly anyone can stop it.

      your words are very wise I really like your words,


      @hal-bos Thanks for supporting, I think you should continue to support the platform.
      and also promote it, and bring more members to it.

      All decisions are yours Bilal. But Bearshares users also need to be educated to make this platform better.


      @dsatria You are correct, we need to educate people more..
      but we can't educate someone, if he is not there on the platform :p e.g discouraged by flagging and left
      .. the more time you stay on the platform, the more you learn about the stuff and with time you become better.
      but if we flag someone and he leaves the platform, there is no one to educate. :p
      So we must focus on bringing more people to the platform, and worry not about the content they post..
      with time, as they learn, they can do better.

      I want to see how this goes, I have never on any platform I have been on flagged anyone, I am against flagging. But many people swear that without flagging a platform like this will collapse. I guess that this will be a nice little experiment.


      Its good for new creators . They can post their content without any hesitation.
      But we should also take care of someone's content because mostly people just copy and paste without giving credit.
      So its totally wrong and it will harm our community in future.