Steak Time 😃

in food •  9 days ago

Hi all,

Here is a steak I recently enjoyed to keep you motivated on this Monday…


This was a porterhouse cut, and weighed it at 21 ounces – yes, I ate it in one sitting! I found a good deal at a local grocery store where the butcher had this cut on sale for $6.99 a pound – who could resist that?! At 1.3 pounds, this steak was $9, but tasted better than a $75 steak you buy at a restaurant… soo good!

As you can see, I threw some sliced onions and jalapenos on the grill as well to pair with the medium-rare cut of beef…. Heavenly!

Hope this post made you hungry 😎

Thanks for coming by today,


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I have come to really enjoy onions as I have gotten older... I think they are an acquired taste.

Delicious steak, really you make me hungry.

Wow! It looks delicious, that if it serves to keep the motivation on a Monday, hahahaha. Enjoy your meal!

Makes me hungry, you succeed 😂
Have a great day, sir @brian.rrr

You have presented the food very well. Which we can eat.