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When one loses someone precious, there would definitely be sadness.

Emotional expression of actual feeling may not always appear on the outside as many may choose to hide their fragile emotions deep within them.

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They would appear to be tough but no one knows of their tears when they are alone in darkness.

It is worst for a kid since there may be self-condemnation even for the death of a pet.

Guilty One

Guilt is never too far from those who are in sadness especially there are things that they could have done but they no longer have the chance to do it.

Guilt would attack from all possible ways and some may even blame themselves for the death of their loved ones.

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They blame themselves for not having enough time or taking good care of the deceased.

They may appear to be fine but guilt may cause sleepless nights or nightmares.

They are unable to forgive themselves.

There is definitely a need to forgive themselves to release themselves from their agony.

Inner Hurt

The pain of losing the loved ones may not go away. The more one tries, the more hurt he/she may feel.

Learn to accept our true feeling may allow us to acknowledge that we do feel the pain and sadness.

We should not try to forget the pain as the more one tries the harder it is.

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The inner hurt is unavoidable so we just need to accept it and continue to move forward.

We learn to accept the fact that we feel hurt but we still need to move forward for the sake of those who love us.

There is a time to cry and there is a time to pick ourselves up and move on.


Many adults neglect the fact that they need to say goodbye to those who have left us.

A written note or even a drawing to dedicate to the decreased can provide a good closure especially for young children who do not know how to express themselves.

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We definitely do not want to cause a psychological void within the child or even adult.

The need to express a farewell in different ways that one is comfortable in doing.

The time to say goodbye is a time to let go and have a proper closure within our hearts.

In Conclusion

When someone appears to be unfriendly or hostile, there could be unresolved issues due to the death of someone dear to them.

There can be many possibilities and we cannot simply judge because of what we see or feel.

A proper closure is important and there may be many other factors that we need to address.

We do not want psychological void because of our own neglect of true feelings.

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