A selfless giver

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Most of us may be givers in some ways but we may not always do so because of our own financial needs.

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How many of us can give selflessly?

This is an inspiring story about Teresa Hsu who kept on giving to others even after retirement.

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I do hope this article can inspire more people in the world to be like Teresa to help others who are in need.

Heart of giving

What is true giving?

A genuine giver will not expect anything in return and the satisfaction comes from the ability to improve the situation of others.

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There are many tragedies and heart-breaking stories from many needy people.

I agree that we cannot help everyone but we can see the heart of a selfless giver, Teresa, that she made the effort to help one at a time.

All her life, she had thought of people who had less than her. With this thought, she continued her journey of giving in her lifetime.

Spirit of influence

Teresa was greatly influenced by her mum when she was young.

From the video, we can see that when she was young, there was a lack of food in her village and her mum gave their food to someone else who had not eaten for two days.

Teresa as a young child asked her mum what difference could they have made for helping as they were hungry too.

Her mum told her that the ones that they helped had not eaten for two days since Teresa and her mum had eaten the day before so the ones that they helped needed the food more.

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Her mum taught her to help one at a time whenever they could.

As teachers and parents, we can be the agents of influence. We can live by example and show our children and students how we can be true givers.

The impact that we have can last even when they become adults.

We should never underestimate how much influence that we can have even when they are young.

Teresa was influenced by her mum to be a true giver and Teresa continued to give even at old age.

One at a time

We definitely cannot help everyone and Teresa knew it well. She gave and contributed what she could in her lifetime.

Giving to others regardless of their race or nationality. We should be givers regardless of who they are as long as we know they do have a genuine need.

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This short film is definitely a great inspiring video for our new generation of online audience.

The ripple effect of giving can impact a lot more than we can expect.

Our little kindness can impact many generations to come and we can help one at a time.

With more people helping others, it can gradually become a massive movement of kindness that makes the world a better place.

In conclusion

Parents and teachers are the most direct influence to our students and children.

We have the influence to build positive moral values in our children.

The truth is it is easier to be selfish than to be selfless.

We naturally think more for our own needs first rather than others.

When more people are selfless in giving, we can create a better world through living by example and educating our future generations.

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