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Thank you everyone who has started to use fun2learn tag for your educational articles.

If you are a content creator that creates original content like :-

  1. Educational articles
  2. Parenting articles
  3. Inspirational articles
  4. Christian articles
  5. How-to-do articles

In short, any article that helps bearshares members in certain way, you can use fun2learn tag for your article to be curated by @fun2learn.

Some basic requirements for those interested members.

  1. Produce original articles. No plagiarism
  2. Always indicate image source for pictures that are not yours.
  3. Use fun2learn tag for your post.
  4. Indicate the link to your original post at the bottom if it is a repost on bearshares.

As this educational tag is starting to get popular with quite a number of members using it, high quality articles would get slightly higher upvotes. Upvote value may not be the same.

Below are the recent articles upvoted and curated by @fun2learn.


  1. The use of fun2learn tag does not guarantee an upvote but your article would be curated and upvoted depending on originality and quality.
  2. Articles would go through plagiarism check to verify original content for authors who have not received an upvote before from @fun2learn.
  3. Some do not receive upvote because of no image source or image source is not indicated correctly.
  4. Read the post below if you are not sure why you have not been getting upvotes for using fun2learn tag.

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I am missing out really. You voted me once. Let me attempt one now.

Thanks to support brother, can I ask 1 question do you transfer the funds to other IDs or exchange? Like bitshares/easydex etc... If you not transfer so please check & tell me because I'm face some error to transfer, me & my friends same problem face


I just did my first transfer out of bearshares to easydex today. When you enter bearshares, you can use your posting key to login as usual. When you transfer fund to easydex, after you key in all information and hit submit, there would be a second time to insert a key and that would need your active key. It is the same as other platform. If there is further questions, you should ask the people on bearshares discord. I believe easydex has instruction on its blog. You can check it out.


OK I will try again, thanks to response Bro