Heart of an educator

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We can easily proclaim to be a teacher as long as we are employed to teach in a school.

Not every teacher teaches from the heart of an educator.

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There are many who would leave those hard to teach ones alone and only focus on those that are easy to teach.

With the hard to teach ones left behind, these students would not be able to catch up with the rest when no teacher makes an effort to help them.

Heart of a parent

How would you feel if your own child is not taught in school because the teacher feels that he/she is hard to teach?

With the same heart of a parent, teach our students the way how you want your child to be taught.

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Care for your students the way how you would like your child’s teacher to shower his/her care for your child.

When you treat every student the way how you would want your child to be treated, you have truly taught your students with a heart of an educator.

No child be left behind

Have you ever entered your office and told yourself that the child in your class was hopeless?

I personally think that you may have made the greatest mistake as an educator if you have thought this way.

As educators, we must believe that every child can learn but not every child learns the same way.

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We cannot deal with every child the same way since every child is different.

As educators, we must think of ways to impact those hard to teach ones with success in learning especially for special needs.

The difficult ones are often the ones who have suffered too many failures that they have given up without even trying.

Equal opportunities

Every child deserves equal opportunities to learn even if they are special needs.

Every child may have their own learning needs so we need to plan lessons that can cater to different learning needs.

Do not teach the way that is easy for us but teach the way that can benefit all our students.

If my students learn well when I act like a clown in class, my heart feels great when everyone is engaged and my learning objectives are met.

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When special needs need additional time to learn, we should find time to teach them separately to ensure they can learn and close any learning gap.

There are already many inequalities in this society so teachers should be the ones who uphold equality whenever we can within our own classrooms.

Teach other teachers to teach

As a senior teacher, I often have opportunities to run workshops for teachers from other schools.

I share, with other school teachers, lesson ideas that they can use for their classrooms.

Sharing ideas on how to teach effectively so that more students can benefit and learn.

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One of the most important first step that teachers should do when they teach a weaker class is to change their mindset of failures.

Lead them to like the subject we are teaching and ignite the passion to learn.

Teachers must also learn to enjoy teaching so that their students can enjoy learning.

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Do you believe that happy teachers will have happy students?

Passionate teachers can ignite passionate students.

Teachers who are skilful in helping students should be generous in sharing their strategies so that more students can benefit.

Very often, the more we share, the more teaching ideas we may gain as we share with others.

In conclusion

When we teach every student like how we want other teachers to teach our own children, we can truly say we have done our part well.

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When we constantly learn as well as share with other teachers, we can ensure we can have a wide range of teaching strategies to help every student in more than one way.

A good educator will continue to have the mindset of a student in learning how to teach.

Learning how to teach and sharing how to teach generously even after our retirement.

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