Is it really a school holiday for teachers?

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It is finally the mid-year school holidays.

I can finally take a short break from seeing my pupils.

It is not really free time for me as I still have to conduct holiday extra lessons for the 1st and last week of the school holidays.

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While I am at home, I would be busy crafting the Year-End Mathematics Examination for the graduating classes.

It would probably take me a few days to complete setting the examination papers.

Since I am a Math representation from the Mathematics Committee so I have to complete the Math analysis to find out the percentage of passes as well as identify the weak areas of the recent Mid-Year Examination.

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The good thing of school holidays is teachers can catch up on our sleep especially most of us usually sleep about 5 to 6 hours during school days.

As a family man, I would also need to spend some time with my family by taking them out.

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I am left with very little time for myself.

Most of my personal time would be spent on the platform then.

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May all the teachers who are having the mid-year school holidays be able to take a short break and have a good rest before the next lapse for the next half of the year.

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Do not neglect the need for rest since we are really not machine regardless of how committed we are for our job as selfless educators.

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Teachers and children always need to be holiday. But when on a short time, they take different enjoy.


We all definitely need to rest!