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We all know that children like to play online games nowadays.

There are many who are really addicted to online games and it is hard to stop them.

Instead of trying to stop them, teachers can explore what are the educational online games that we can engage them into meaningful learning.

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Students may enjoy the games and they learn at the same time.

It would be win-win for both sides.

Below is a videoclip by Andre Thomas on Ted to share about game-based learning in education.

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Jane McGonigal shared on Ted about how gaming can make a better world

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After watching the two videoclips above, they may certainly convince many of us how online games can help in education.

On the other hand, we need to be careful of cyber-addiction which is common among youth nowadays.

I had students who skipped school due to late night gaming with serious cyber-addiction.

We do not want to go for the extreme too but we need to do the balancing act well.

Below are some online learning games that I found if you are a teacher and would like to give it a try with your students.








Games can be fun and meaningful. Teachers and parents need to craft their learning so that children can learn and have fun at the same time.

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