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Copyright issue has constantly been a problem on different platforms.

The need to ensure that what we write is original and the pictures we used are ours unless we indicate the source and reference to them.

When I produce an article, it is my intellectual property.

My ideas and thoughts are protected by copyright law because these are my own experience, expression or reflection.

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I am inspired to write some thoughts about copyright because of a recent incident of a plagiariser who had copied articles from a steem member and posted as his work on whaleshares.

The fight against plagiarism at whaleshares

Over at whaleshares, @whaleguardians account is created to support original content against plagiarism.

Unlike steem platform that has cheetah bot, @whaleguardians would investigate and gather evidence before taking the necessary actions against plagiarism.

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It was a good initiative started by @ijmmai who also has a steem account.

When content from steem platform is being copied to @whaleshares, @ijmmai would take an active step to find out from the authors over at steem whether they are really the ones at whaleshares.

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The recent case was rather obvious when the plagiariser used poor English when he answered questions directly but he was able to post content with good English in his articles.

We should salute @ijmmai and @whaleguardians for taking active steps against plagiarism.

I know my friend, @pankso in whaleshares who is also a teacher, will go all out against plagiarism.

I have also seen @steemiteducation supporting its members against plagiarism when their articles were stolen by plagiarisers to post on other platforms like weku.

Stealing is never a good act.

Authors like us really spend hours to write an article which you are reading one now that I have created with the inspiration that I have when I read about the discovery of the plagiariser at whaleshares.

Don’t simply copy but create your own

The most common problem, that many content creators have, is using pictures that are not theirs.

We can easily find lots of free pictures from pixabay, maxipixel, wikimedia commons, pexels and many other websites that offer pictures free from copyright.

We simply need to indicate image source for pictures that we used since they are not ours.

When we find it a hassle to indicate image source, we can easily take some photographs on our own using our mobile phones and use them without copyright issue.

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There are lots of photography contests that we can get upvotes with those photographs too so even if our English is not good, we can still earn upvotes using photographs.

I know that writing English articles can be demanding so my personal solution is to create my draft on Microsoft Word since it would highlight spelling and grammar errors.

I also need to read my article one more time the next day to check for errors before posting.

When English is not our native language, we can just use our own native language to create our post.

When writing is not your strength, there are people who post videos of their dance steps and other types of videos on the platforms.

They are doing really well with those videos that they produce on a regular basis.

There are so many ways to create content so there is really no need to copy content that is not ours.

Being rewarded for being original

There is no one that can be us. We are special in our own way.

When we create content that we can call ours and get rewarded, we can feel the great satisfaction that money can never buy.

We should not let greed blind us and steal the content of others when the original content creators have put in hours to create those articles.

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The quick copy and paste that some think is a quick and easy way to earn can cause one to be out of the game totally when they are discovered.

The whole community can be against them as no one likes a thief.

Create original content and get rewarded for being original.

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I hope this article inspires those who may have intended to steal content from others to create their own content.

Thank you for reading my personal thoughts and I hope you become a supporter of no plagiarism too.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.

This publication can also be found on both of my other blogs at Steemit and fun2learn.vornix.blog being posted on the same day on this platform.

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