Role Of Modern Soldier

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I did a post about my son being enlisted for National Service as soldier.

He had just completed his basic military training and he would be posted to his unit soon.

Our family would be observing his graduation ceremony today.

This got me thinking about the role of a modern soldier.

In The Past

In history, everyone of us know about countries that tried to take over another through war to acquire the resources of another country.

The duty as a soldier was to kill and conquer then.

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There were many cruel and sad stories with many soldiers losing their lives regardless of which side the soldiers were from.

Death was an unavoidable fact during a war.
Families would lose their sons and fathers.

Our Modern Age

For most countries, our soldiers in this modern age have the role of protecting their countries from foreign invasion and they are not meant to take the role of conquering other countries like the past.

Soldiers would also help during major disasters. They would risk their lives to save others.

They are no longer killers but many are saviours during terrorism and disasters.

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They would also help to suppress riots to bring a country to peace.

Nevertheless, there are some who have to fulfil duties that they do not like even if it goes against their own moral values.

In Conclusion

History provides important lessons for everyone that war can be cruel and countries at war would suffer at both sides.

With greater awareness, most countries would avoid war since war can cause death and hurt the economy.

Every single life is precious regardless of which side and everyone has someone who would feel sad when death occurs.

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A modern soldier is to protect the country and they no longer take the role of simply a killer machine.

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