Teach children to seek peace

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In many religions, we are taught to seek peace instead of strife.

Many of us may know it but we find it hard to do it even for adults.

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When our children often see us getting angry and unable to resolve situation peaceful, it would be hard for us to advise them to seek peace when things happen to them.

Below is a nice videoclip from veggie tales that we can let our children to watch about forgiveness.

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Getting angry

We cannot stop ourselves from getting angry when we face injustice.

It is part of human nature that we get angry when we feel unfairly treated.

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As teachers and parents, we should let our children know that it is natural to get angry but it is how we deal with our anger that is more important.

One of the things we should remind our children is to avoid violence because they are angry.

Very often, adults who are unable to regulate their anger effectively get into serious fights or offences due to anger management issues.

By teaching our children how to manage actions especially when they are angry, they can learn how to react before their actions are led by their emotions.

One of the best ways, to get themselves from being further provoked, is to step away from the situation and calm themselves down first.

Many incidents occurred may be due to misunderstanding even for adults who get into unnecessary fights.

Children and adults with anger management issues would need time to cultivate habits of managing their anger.


We can reset our children’s minds to understand that it is easier for a person to get into a fight due to anger.

It takes more self-control to avoid a fight.

A person, who has better self-control, definitely has greater mental maturity and strength.

Violence does not solve the problem but it may magnify the problem to a greater negative direction.

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As teachers, there are many who face unreasonable parents who shout and scold us when something happens.

When we do not react but let the parents let out their frustrations, many may calm down and start to listen later on.

Some parents may even apologise for their bad behaviours because they are troubled by the stress in their work.

I had handled cases related to student who fought due to disagreement or misunderstanding.

Very often, young children would argue over who has started the fight first.

Regardless of who has started it, both are in the wrong when the other fights back.

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It takes two hands to clap. Most children often feel that they have the right to fight back when they are not the ones who start the fight.

We can teach our students and children to move away from the one who has hit them and inform the teacher or adult around.

This is not a cowardly act but it is a way to solve an issue legally just like seeking the help of the police.


It is always hard to forgive someone who has done injustice to us.

The ability to treat the wrongdoer gracefully can often bring reflection and touch the heart of the wrongdoer to ask for forgiveness.

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We can easily hold grudges and bitterness even many years down the road.

Bitterness and hatred can often do great harm to our bodies by releasing harmful toxins.

Guilt can also cause mental health issue for someone who knows that he/she is in the wrong.

Through forgiveness, children can learn to resolve issues peacefully that release themselves from bitterness and let go of their hatred.

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The wrongdoers would have turned their guilts to gratefulness resulting in positive relationships as well as possible ripple effects of forgiveness.

We should teach our children to forgive others but it does not mean to let another to keep doing injustice to them.

They should just avoid the ones who treat them unfairly but do not keep hatred within them.

In conclusion

It is often hard to seek peace even for adults especially being provoked as being cowardly.

We need to learn how to ignore words that trigger our emotions and it takes a lot of mental strength to do so.

We can imagine how hard it can be for our children to learn how to seek peace since adults also find it hard to do so.

With greater awareness, we nurture the habit of seeking peace in our children so that they can deal with every situation rationally rather than to be led by emotions.

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