Think before we speak

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There are many different types of people in this world. Some prefer to be quiet and be left alone while others have problem in keeping quiet.

During an important meeting, there are people who always offer lots of suggestions regardless of whether these suggestions are constructive.

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On the other hand, there are people who totally do not contribute in the discussion at all.

This article is just some thoughts about the need of being wise with our words especially during major meetings.

Listen first

There are many people who always talk before even listen to others. They always want others to listen but they rarely listen attentively to what others are trying to say.

They are too self-centred in their own suggestions without considering the better suggestions of others. It is only a matter of time that others would also stop listening to them.

It is always wise to listen to all the ideas and comments of others before we speak.

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In Proverbs 17:28 from the bible, it is stated that ‘Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.’

While others are busy trying to get their ideas across, we can listen and get the good points of different people to make a good conclusive suggestion.

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By doing so, we not only win the hearts of others during a meeting but we have also supported ideas from others.

This is a great skill that a leader should have.


During the meeting, we may have a great idea.

We should not rush into giving the idea but think through for the pros and cons of this idea before suggesting it.

We must learn to cover all grounds that people may question and we do not want to appear to be caught in shock not knowing how to reply or react.

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By doing so, we can always maintain a good image of being the knowledgeable others.

Our words would definitely be valued by others greatly when the success rate of what we say is always high.

Be supportive and win their hearts

This may sound like a hypocrite but we can genuinely support the ideas of other positively without trying to belittle those great ideas.

We must be supportive in great ideas given. We would eventually become someone that others enjoy sharing their thoughts with us.

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We always come with a good listening ears rather than keep offering suggestions or criticize on the ideas suggested.

When we are supportive to others, our future good ideas can also be more readily accepted by others.

It is a simple rule of scratching for others and others would scratch for us.

In conclusion

The wise may often only need to say a few words that enlighten everyone.

If we need to convince others using a great deal of effort to get others to agree, it may not be a great idea after all.

Good ideas must be able to hit the hearts of others and give others the ‘Aha’ moment like why they didn’t think of that.

A great idea can be the trigger of a successful business.

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A great idea can transform the whole organisation regardless of education or business field.

When there are too many random ideas, it is hard for people to see our great idea when we have one.

We should think before we speak to make our words impactful.

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