What is death?

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What is death?


According to logic, death is the release of the soul from the body according to God's command. This right is not given to any of his creatures. the commandment came from God, and the execution was carried out by angels who were assigned to take lives.

This is sunnatullah (Provisions) that happened since Adam was created until the Day of Judgment. death cannot be avoided and driven by humans, although humans are given high knowledge and medical science and autopsy can know the secrets of the body. In fact, even though science has succeeded in solving the DNA formula and its structure.


  • God has given the limits of knowledge to human reason (tools to think) This limit can be more advanced than what has been achieved today. Even though we are very impressed with the scientific discoveries that occur on all fronts of life, in the end, reason will stop at the limits that God has given.

  • God knows the highest limits in human reason (tools to think) Reason will stop after reaching the limit of senility and death. Intellect cannot avoid and eliminate these restrictions. In fact, he could not know the secret. Semen that develops into life, senility and death is one of the provisions in life and the universe.

For example, air, consisting of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon requires life. no human can change the will and destiny created by God. what happens to air, will also occur in water and soil, there are many examples in this case.

Everything, small or large, is a part of sunnatullah (a provision that has been created) that cannot be changed until the Day of Judgment. The proof, the long history of human civilization that is not the least able to change sunnatullah. Allah has explained the rules in life, where humans live, since God created that life until the Day of Judgment.



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