Time To Buy Bears :)

in halo •  2 months ago

If you are wanting to purchase Bears there is no better time than now to do so, and there is now a simple , fast way to buy.

From your Steemit account send minimum 1 SBD or upto 2500 SBD to @anonbot steemit account and put your BearShares name in the memo.

Here you can see I sent 10 SBD

Here you can see the Bears I received , 1 SBD will buy you 100 Bears. The whole process from time of purchase to the time the bears showed up in my BearShares account took less than 2 minutes :)

In my opinion every person on BearShares should be buying bears , you are here posting getting rewards and you want your rewards to grow in value. To make this happen we all need to chip in to better the platform , not just by posting content, but by investing also. It cost a lot of money to be listed on a decent exchange like Bittrex or Binance, and it should not be left up to a hand full of people to make this happen, every BearShares member should be chipping in.

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I made my purchase of bears using 10.9 SBD as support to bearshares already. I also made a post about it.


Thank You , for your support :)

Time to invest into development of bearshares. Without amazing apps I don't thinks bears will going up. Too much ctyptosocial networks at current moment. Strong competition.


Unless you know any devs willing to work for free then bearshares still needs people investing to pay the devs to build the apps. Yes they could be paid in bears , but we would need to be on an exchange like bittrex and binance in order to make a market for bears.

Thanks for the information, halo. Happy new week by the way


You are welcome :)

I Agree, I'm waiting to have some SBD's to buy Bears
Thank you for the informative post Halo :)


Get them while they are cheap :)

Just made a purchase 😉