Distribution of Social Assistance Funds to Underprivileged Communities

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    Without us knowing time continues to pass. And it looks like the scary virus hasn't moved yet. Even in certain areas this deadly virus is increasingly widespread

    In this case various efforts of the central and local government have worked hard in an effort to break the chain of carrying out this dangerous virus. One way is to make the ban on going out of the house and avoiding crowded places

    To meet this goal the central government has recently collaborated with local governments to channel cash direct assistance and channel funds from social assistance (Bansos) to every head of household affected by the Corona virus and for disadvantaged communities.



    The photo above I took a few days ago or coincides on the day of the distribution of cash direct assistance sourced from social assistance funds (Bansos). The distribution of this assistance took place in the district office yard and in collaboration with the district post office


    All levels of society come from various villages that are in the same sub-district. Nearly 700 people gathered and were willing to queue for hours to get IDR 600 Social Assistance funds for each family



    Distribution of Social Security funds starts at 09.00 am to 12.00 noon. Shown in the picture are some housewives as if they do not want to care about the danger of carrying their children in the queue


    Whatever the reason, there is no one to blame. Nearly three months they closed themselves in his home. Many jobs were forced to leave them during covid 19. Moreover, the next few days they will celebrate the holiday of course they really need a large fee



    The Fact

    ACEH people are known as people who have hard character and uphold the honor. If necessary for the sake of honor, they are Acehnese who are willing to commit acts of violence even though their lives are at stake. However, behind the harsh nature of the people of Aceh are also known as people who are friendly and highly respect for others and very high sense of solidarity

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