The compactness of the villagers in Indonesia

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Look at,,

How happy we are to see the togetherness of the villagers in the Aceh-Indonesia province. They help each other, work together to achieve peace of mind. I took this photo in a village in the Aceh-Indonesia region, I felt interested and very impressed in life when I saw their togetherness, they cooked goat meat with enthusiasm and cohesiveness.

They did this at a wedding ceremony for their village girl, they came and helped homeowners, they not only enjoyed food, but also helped in every activity at the wedding.

For me this is Amazing, Please say this is Amazing,,


Not only are their cohesiveness I admire, but also the food cooked by them is really tasty and delicious, I myself have enjoyed mutton, it tastes very delicious and made me add one bowl. when I learned, why their cuisine was delicious and delicious, it turned out that togetherness in work, they worked with sincerity and joy.

They prepared various kinds of tools for cooking goats, then they mixed everything with meat.



But it is unfortunate, I did not have time to capture photos while enjoying mutton with them. sangking is good to taste mutton and dissolved in meat delicacy, so I forgot to take a photo.,

I think, if every activity in the village they do it together (togetherness) and their sincerity, then they will inherit 3 things to their children and grandchildren

  • Understand each other
  • Help each other
  • Appreciate general activities


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