Who started the bears party without me??!! Veegah is here on bearshares.com.

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Happy me

Just like the rush of a mighty wind, I am so glad to be a member of this great community, I am Victoria Tega, my friends generally call me VEEGAH for short.

@halo inspired me to join the bearshares community and i decided to explore myself,I will tell you this: it's really great to be here, i have great passion for learning, thumbs up to the community and @bilalhaider. I've observed alot and I'm glad to be here......


I am a student of University of Benin, Edo State,Nigeria. I am a trained and certified youth leader who believes in making life easier and livable for the next person, especially creating a soft path,a blossom world of unlimited possibilities and opportunities for the present and the coming generations. I also into fashion and I'm a hair stylist.


I have passion for music; different genres of music with special attentions to Classicals, church music, contemporary gospels, raggae. I am also a composer. I have a deep passion for Drama too especially stage acting and I listen to motivational speakers.


I am going to be a blogger, and i will be writing and posting about 4 things or more.

These are: The Faded Truth(Life realities & its challenges),The Unhappy Family (family challenges and realities) and The Bad Brother (relationship and love life counseling) and What I BELIEVE....... more things may come later though.

I am also going to be blogging about really interesting things like fashion, books, movies, music, travel experiences, life experiences, nature, art, I mean everything interesting and Educating that is. I hope you all enjoy it and we get to have really fun interactive moments, thanks you.

It pains me that I won't be able to receive the 1000 bears sign up bonus because I've noticed that bearspower really is important in keeping the community growth and its sad to think I don't have enough. Who knows, I may be lucky enough to receive a generous gift. Well, I'm here for a fantastic ride and I hope you share in my bearshares experience......

My aims for joining bearshares.com include

★to connect with people and explore the wealth of knowledge and ideas inherent in individuals beyond my geographical location.
★to be inspired by those who have taken productivity and the improvement of human lives as the soul purpose of their existence.
★to learn from great writers and improve my writing skills.
★to share to the rest of the world my life events and experiences so as to inspire and motivate them.........

Thanks for stopping by.....


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Welcome to bearshares.

Welcome to bearshares! This is a great introduction post! I love the effort you put into this. I've sent you 250SP to help you get started :)


Thanks a lot. Your generosity goes a long way.

And thanks for reading. It means a lot.


My pleasure. I wish you success on bearshares :)


Wow mate!!.... This is fantastic. Keep up the good work👍👍


Thanks! As a witness I am trying to support the bearshares community where I can.


You've got my vote


Welcome to bearshares.com!!! For more information on BEARSHARES,


I can't give you bears or bears power because I also have a little. But I'll help promote your article for more views so that, perhaps you can get someone who would give you bears or delegate some to you.

Welcome!! Once again and do join the discord channel if you ain't there already.

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