Ramadhan is The most special month

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Every year Muslims welcome the month of Ramadan happily. even though in the month of Ramadan Muslims must fast (hold back hunger) but those who truly embrace Islam remain happy because of the arrival of a glorious month.


Today is entering the 4th day of the month of Ramadan, all Muslims all over the world have the same activities in worship. Namely: fasting daylight. and at night perform tarawih prayer services, This is global activity in the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan has 2 other names.

  • Forgiveness month

Every Muslim who repents from all mistakes and sins, and promises not to repeat the same sins / mistakes, then every mistake will be forgiven.
Everyone has mistakes and sins, big or small sins, mistakes that are done intentionally or unintentionally. If they truly repent and return to the right path. Then they will be forgiven. their sins will be erased. There are so many types of sins committed by humans, such as killing, adultery / rape, robbing, stealing, gambling, disobedience to both parents, etc.

  • The month of prayer is answered

Not a few people are desperate for various reasons, some of which are not fulfilled their dreams or other things they want, they have tried their best, so that what they want is achieved. but finally they also fell into a pit of failure. This month (Ramadan) a good time and month to pray, ask Allah what you want to ask, then Allah will give you what you want.
Never give up if prayer is not granted. Because praying is one of worship and has a great reward.

2 Very good work in the month of Ramadan

Giving alms (giving)


Lots of work and actions that can produce big rewards. One of them is Memeri. Give anything to the poor, like money, food, drinks etc., so that it makes happiness in the hearts of others. this is a very good thing, and the reward (reward) is multiplied many times.

  • Reciting Al-Qur'an

What's the difference between the Qur'an and other open essays? so reading the Koran is highly recommended and the reward is very large.
because of the Qur'an you are Kalamullah, the Qur'an is derived from Allah, Allah's creation. Anyone who wants to read the Koran in the month of Ramadan rewards multiplied. Even people who read one letter from the verses of the Koran will be given 10 goodness.

Smart people always think of their own fate and benefits. for what life is, is life eternal forever, and what, how after death, how after this world perished. is there the next day / life. Islam describes this problem in detail.

Only people who understand and study Islam deeply, who want to think about the fate of themselves for the next life.

So the review I wrote above, the purpose is to prepare and brief the next day / life. (provisions in the hereafter)

Welcome to Ramadan

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