The power of direction in decision making

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Hello everyone welcomes to my blog once again, today I will be sharing thoughts with you on the topic

The power of direction in decision making

A man is presently what he is due to his past decisions, that is to say, our present or past situations portraits the reflections of our choices. Sometimes when its time to take big decisions we see it as an uncertain future is a new thing. For me, this may be because some of the past decisions didn't turn out well. However a decision in which the level of its certainty is very high may be the one that was made from a well positive position, Maybe we should call it a directional decision. Let's break it down a bit, the safety of goods in a particular ship is in the hands of the ship captain. bringing it back to our line of discussion here we are the captains here a we know that a captain's efforts will be effortless if he navigates on the sea shores without a compass knowing fully well that the compass gives directions to the ship. Bringing this to life this teaches us that our day to day decisions are vain if will fail to make decisions without direction.

why direction is important
to give your life a meaning
The power of direction should never be underestimated when it comes to life. One is nothing if all the decisions he makes in life is not drafted in an ethical manner.

prevent one from fruitless efforts
A man without direction will be destabilized by breeze of disruptions, he runs around anywhere he hears its happening. Right directions prevent your efforts to be useless

helps take advantage of opportunities
Nice and awesome opportunities come our ways every day but unfortunately, some folks find it difficult to gather energy to pursue this opportunity even though they are desirable so directions help gather the energy and strength in us and then make us not to pass over opportunities repeatedly (poor)

show self-awareness
Being aware of what we want, who we are and what our purpose is here is truly the key to real happiness. One without this knowledge on earth doesn't have a direction, one with zero direction has no ambition, so direction champions your ambition hope you got that punch line?


Any step taken in the right direction is worth it so this fetches fulfillment and happiness in the sense that one will always be happy and fulfilled when he is fully assured he/she is in the right direction. I will be ending this in a very short time so don't get bored lol, I know you may have been asking..... How can we be sure we are making the right decisions?

I read from an ancient book that " the altitude of counseling brings safety "
However, grabbing from someone you know that have always made the right decisions in the right directions isn't a bad idea.

good quality and information
Good information does not only give you insight on amazing directions it also guides you on what it will cost you if you take the wrong direction.

divine guidance
We should also bear in mind that the spiritual somehow have a say in the physical. We have an all-knowing father, the creator that made evening we see in the righcaredction. If we connect to this divine being then we are rest assured our directions will be cared for by him so we are in for the best outcome.
Thanks for having me, I love you all.

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