Sadness when my miss mom

in mom •  last month


Here your child misses you,
Under the dark sky your son screamed
and called you. The struggle that separates us both.

Suppose I was destined to have wings,
this time I will fly to meet you.
Only the dark sky I could stare at, picturing a beautiful face

Forgive me for not having time to see you.
I know you have longing like your own child.
Believe me, I'm always there for mom, and always look after mom if I'm beside you my mom.

I know your love is perfect for me.
this is the reason why you let me alone overseas.
you want me to be successful.

Sometimes I cry imagining your face, when the noble month arrives, Ramadan makes me miss you very much.Forgive me to be a pious child, because this month is a month full of wonders.


I miss you


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