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    ©2018 - @ruben-cress| Selfie time, me playing the piano, at my mom's place ;-)

    I've mentioned some stuff that I do on a daily base or used to do on a daily base in my previous post. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what those things are. So I'll go through all of them, one by one. Since you already know about my passion for photography, one of the other things was playing the piano.

    The last time that I have played the piano was last week, after a live-performance of my stepdad (kinda a chill afterparty). I have made this promise to myself: Whenever I see a piano for the first time, I have to "touch" it, gently and of course with much love.

    What I play, is always improvisation. I started recording my playings since I am just spacing out after a while and have no idea what I might be playing. When I finish, I feel often relieved, expressed, or sometimes feel really exhausted (when I play for someone else).

    ©2018 - @ruben-cress| The most beautiful Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland. A hot spot for weddings.

    Camera Details: Sony αlpha 7 Mark II

    A few months ago I went to meet random people from DZONE (Steemit crew) that we call friends. We had a lot of fun during the meet-up in Tallin, so much, that I decided to tap along with 3 Finns and extend my trip to Helsinki for a few more days. @Eveuncovered showed me around while I was nagging about poached eggs (yes, we had a master-chef in our companionship) and finding a piano because I was desperate to play (I did find and played the piano at the airport of Tallinn at my arrival), and yes we did find a piano.

    Around the time this was recorded, I was suffering from PTSD, Insomnia and had a depression that I wasn't fully aware of. Despite the painful memories it brings back, it certainly brings back a lot of good ones, ones that I will cherish forever.

    I hope you enjoyed my piano playing :-)

    Stay tuned

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      @ruben-cress I had a piano when I was a kid, it was a small one a toy. and also it had buttons, which would play the musical tunes, pre-recorded ones..
      I loved it a lot.. until it started hitting my heart :D then I hit it.. and broke it and get rid of it :p never got another one since then.


      What do you mean by " hitting my heart"? It's always fun to have toys we like until we break it :). Playing the piano meant the world to me, but I barely play these days.

      I like to read the moments that you make
      sorry a little touching and sad
      but I'm sure you're a proportional piano player
      Thank you for everything...


      Thank you, it has been a while now and I feel much better :)

      I like the story you story this story ... greetings friendship


      Glad you enjoyed a little bit of my story :)


      Thanks you sir.. 😊

      A very touching game. I follow concerned about all that. The benefit of each note makes me even sadder. Thank you friend. Unforgetable Moments


      Thank you for sharing :)

      Good post bug


      Good reply bug