Purchase SP delegations ==> Time to start investing

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Hi everyone,

Since the market is opened for trading, we think it's the best time to offer paid delegations and start financing the project.
We are offering, Paid Power delegations, at cheap rates. It's a good idea to invest in it because it does not just help bearshares but it helps the whole community

You can trade BSD against Bitshares

We are offering Share Power delegation for a month

==> 250 BSD(beardollars) / 1000 SP
==> 2.5 SBD(steemdollars) / 1000 SP


  1. SP is delegated for a month
  2. Delegation prices will change, depending upon the market value of BSD or SBD
  3. Minimum power delegation you can get is 1000 SP, while the maximum is 100,000 SP
Since we believe in transparency and we are using, the company's powers for it. We think it's important to tell you, on how we plan to use funds generated from sales.
  1. 95% of the money generated by sales will put back into the market
  2. 5% will use to cover expenses :)

Why should you purchase Powers?

  1. Power gives you better visibility, you can support your projects/articles
  2. Since we put back 95% of the money into the market, you help the whole community with your investments
  3. You help bearshares as well, cause there are expenses, we need to cover :)

How to purchase Power delegations?

At the moment, we have not automated this process, you need to contact @bilalhaider at our discord group if you want to purchase share powers.

Feel free to ask any questions

Bilal Haider

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Good news for all Bears members 👍


Great move!!!

Great initiative

Do have any calculation about the profit we may do buy delegating to you ?


it's not for profit. it's for getting better visibility :)