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Most parents and guardians may not always show their love and concern through words or actions.

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Many of our students may have parents that they feel do not love them.

As teachers, we can lead them to reflect that their expected love expression from their parents can be different from how their parents express their love to them.

Different parents express their love in different manners.

Some may scold while others may nag.

Some may only be asking whether their children have eaten their food each day.

Below is a short videoclip about a teenager who realised the love that her mother has for her.

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Expression of love through food

Most parents may not always tell their children that they love them.

They may always scold for their bad habits and behaviours.

They seem to be critical most of the time and they spend very little time with their children.

Many parents may spend a great deal of time preparing food for their children.


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They want their children to have a good meal and they are always concerned whether their children have eaten their food.

This simple act of love may be taken as nagging by most children and teenagers.

They cannot experience love as their expectations of how love should be expressed is different from how their parents express it.

It is true that parents would also need to learn how they can express their love and concern for their children in a better way.

Teachers often give advice to parents during teacher-parent meeting but we may also have the same problem as them at home.

Behind the stern appearance

Many parents have always put up a stern appearance.

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They are so used to it that they are unable to remove their fierce front and shower their children with love.

Behind the stern appearance, parents are sacrificing unconditionally for their children.

They may be stingy and refused to buy many things but those money may be saved for their children’s future.

As teachers, we have many opportunities to provide the teachable moments of what their parents are doing for them behind the scene.

Most parents do not tell their children all the things that they are preparing for their future resulting in many misunderstandings.

It is also a great reflection for us as parents to communicate so that our children can understand and appreciate.

Moulding the relationship

As teachers, we need to consider how we can improve the relationship of students who feel that they are neglected by parents or guardians.


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It takes two hands to clap so we need to find out the actual situation before we can assist in rebuilding a healthy relationship.

I do agree that there are also cases of child abuse that require different approaches and we may need to seek the help of law enforcement.

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After knowing the actual situation, we can find teachable moments for our students as well as share with their parents some practical parenting skills.

Their parents may even need to attend parenting workshops to improve the current relationship.

Sometimes, parents may not know that their relationship with their children is deteriorating. It would be too late when they finally realise it.

In conclusion

When we first started as teachers, we may only be concerned with how well we can teach our students related to our subjects.

With greater awareness of different family problems and issues that have often indirectly affected our students’ learning, we realise the need to support our students even in their family matters.

Teachers play many roles in our students’ lives. We may not only teach but we may also be their mentors, friends, caregivers or even parents in schools.

Teachers can make a great difference in the emotional and mental development of our students.

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