Pick your favourite edit

in photography •  24 days ago

    Oeh, I've found these photographs that would be perfect to give as a postcard or have as a small Fine Art print. However, I usually get stuck at post-processing to determine the final edit. Are you up to aid me with your opinion?

    Edit 1

    Edit 2

    What edit is most appealing to you?
    Because you helped me out, I'll try to reward all valuable comments, but feel free to just leave a number without any added words in the comments below as it will help me a lot as well.

    Thank you :smile:

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      Edit two all the way. So much more bright and vibrant.


      Thanks, Deranged! I can go with that, but the darker one is so moody :D


      I guess if you are on your period, moody is cool, lol

      I prefer the second picture, it's cuter.


      Thank you for sharing :D I like both... so you have my thanks!