Learning photography models #3

in phototalent •  3 months ago

Again I share a post about learning photography models with different models from previous posts, but they are photographed on the same day and the same location.This picture was on the day of becoming a North Aceh photographer. Photos follow a small portion of the birthday photo model that I will share, advice from seniors is very helpful and I thank you.


iso: 500
f : 5.6
speed: 1/125 secon


iso: 500
f : 5.6
speed: 1/1000 secon

The camera I use is:
camera: Nikon d5600
Lens: 18-55mm kit
Location: Asean housing complex, North Aceh
agenda: birthday of North Aceh photographer.

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Bereh syeh . D Batuphat pu ?


di komplek perumahan asean


Nye2 . Bereh