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Filtered light

Digital art #134

Those rays of sunlight penetrated the dense vegetation that appeared before me. In that afternoon I had been walking through a swampy area of ​​difficult access until I reached the place where I took these images. My muddy boots stepped on that heavy road full of mud and made each step more and more compromised by not being able to see where it was going. I had been told about that area of ​​the swamp as a dangerous place so I went with a lot of tact.


The plant species that I found were getting thicker, although I carried with me a kind of cane that I had gotten before I entered that place, sometimes, when walking, some branches hit me in the arms and legs. I walked much slower to avoid being marked by some of those sheets that were very sharp. It has been a great experience and it is one of the things that I like most about the work of taking some photographic images, that adventure, that not knowing that you are going to find and being immersed in an expedition to places that are very little or almost nothing visited. what makes them unique and exciting to me.



AjustesISO-100 f/5.6 1/150
CámaraNikon D7100
LocalizaciónCáceres - España


Image ©oscarps. All Rights Reserved.
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DSC_1411 - copia.jpg


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Amazing photography my friend


Esta muy hermosa la toma mi amigo saludos


Muchas gracias por tus palabras, saludos @farkparck

Sunlight is important to our lives.


Vital, everything in our environment is @ahlawat