in poetry •  2 months ago

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It's the most awesome time
Loaded up with alluring stars
Which dissipates distresses and dimness
What's more, delivers great news.

Gazing at the pinacle of the building
At no specific heading
I remembered it was another holiday
Longing for more occasions to come.

Reminiscing throogh my thoughts
I realized I was guilty
Of neglegence to other people
Especially, In my neighborhood.

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Though it is poetry but sounds so real,we may not know people that re feeling neglected or rejected by our actions sometimes,it time to give a helping hand..

Thanks for sharing


Yea, Thanks for reading and accepting to give a helping hand.

Nice one.

negleting the neighbourhood is not a thing, like a friend of mine use to say

you can't take from the streets what you didn't give

Piece so on point. Thanks for sharing at this hour boss @hilltop


Thanks bro


My pleasure,had a nice read!!

Its time to pivot attention to humanity. we must give a helping hand, put a smile on faces, encourage someone and share the happiness we feel.

The time is now!!

Holidays are really amazing times. Nice poetry!!