Did you know? you can get 100k SP delegation for free? from Bearshares

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Hi friends,

We have a program running, called "Bearshares Projects", Where if you have a unique idea about a project, that you can do at bearshares, you can get 100k SP delegation from @bearshare for FREE.

There are few key points you need to keep in mind before you propose a project.
==> Your idea must be unique (check projects/activities that are already approved, make sure yours idea isn't similar to an existing one)
==> It should have a purpose (education, entertainment)
==> It should engage people into it. (you need to reward participants with upvotes)

Visit link to the announcement post and read the rules.


Here is a list of projects, people are already doing at bearshares, you can participate in them, and earn yourself some rewards :) if you don't want to start a project of your own.

  1. @sportsbetting (Guess which team wins, receive an upvote :) )
    (A project by @rabin1024 )

  2. @promotion (Participate in Promotional contests, receive upvotes :) )
    (A project by @mikitaly )

  3. @speakspanish (Learn Spanish Language, probably participate in quizzes)
    (A project by @honolulu )

  4. @suduku (Play suduku, earn rewards)
    (A project by @paperbook )

  5. @countrychallenge (Learn about each other countries, norms, foods, values etc )
    (A project by @renowned )

  6. @bearbooster (weekly writing contest, hosted every week with special tags...)
    (A project by @hilltop )

  7. @thewriterscorner (Story writing, and Poems contests )
    (A project by @emergehealthier )

  8. @canvas (Designs/graphics designs contests)
    (A project by @designieplay)

  9. @photocontest (Photography contests)
    (A project by @charliechain)

  10. @wordpuzzle (Word puzzle game, guess the words)
    (A project by @simplicitytech)

  11. @promobears (Participate in promotions)

  12. @cryptobears (Learn about cryptos, participate in crypto contests)
    (A project by @kshitiz)

  13. @jhaycontest (Meme contests)

  14. @spintheblackcirc (Music contests to promote bearshares)

  15. @ancestorslegacy (Contests about heritage and artifacts)
    Project by @hondaxr007

More projects coming soon.

If you also have an idea about a project, that you want to do at bearshares, come join us at our discord group

Bilal Haider

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Wow! Thanks for the compilation! Cheers!


@kaizen do participate in them. cause they are made for members.


why flag me my all comment

Free? So you're supporting these programs without asking for any compensation from the accounts you're delegating to?

If you're still claiming any portion of their post rewards, then I guess it's not free, is it?


@bmj It's free, we don't charge any money for delegating powers to you.


Oh cool. So you don't claim the BSD portion of the post rewards for accounts who you're delegating to anymore. That's awesome. Great support!


it is free. cause we don't take any money from the members.. we just take the share from post rewards.
You can have your opinion.


Hahaha! So you take a 50% commission, being all the liquid rewards, and you still call that free because you don't take money.

The comission is the cost, and it's a pretty high one at that. But that's just my opinion, as you said.

The fact is it is not free, and saying it is free is very misleading.


@bmj if you have problems, in paying the commission. you can do a self-sponsored project.
.. buy the powers, and then do your project.
.. when you will buy the powers, then you will realize how is it free


I must admit I share @bmj 's opinion.
We do not say it's bad or anything, just not free...

PS: Why limitating to 6 levels of discution? I tried to reply to you on your last answer, I was blocked due to this limitation.

Good news, hopefully bearshares will be more fun in the future 😊


@harferri for sure, it's going to be so much fun in future.