African proverbs - it is not goat place to check if the lion has eaten _ Ghana proverb

in proverbs •  2 months ago

There are some things we try to do are simply none of our business. This phrase "none of your business" is always a popular saying, which we often misused. simply, it means that what a person is seeking to know is not something he or she needs to know or be involved in.
But the question there is to ask is:

  • how do one know what business there is to know
  • and one know which ones that are none of business.

The simple answers to these questions will not always know. Because many people have been misjudged as being nosy when they were only showing concerned. We cannot simply read people's motive. But since we are not always sure of that, we can equally be sure that "everybody's business is nobody's business" (Vietnamese Proverb).

For a goat to find out whether the lion has eaten is really unwise.

In Nigeria they is this sayinv that, "If you want to fight fire, you don't wear clothes made of dry grass"

Don't out of foolishness put yourself in harm. Be unintrusive!

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