Daily Quotes Reflection #3

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Daily Quotes Reflection #3


Today's #quote-reflection

Asking for help does not mean you are a failure, it only shows how strong you are.

What does it mean to ask for help? What does it take to ask for help? Life is all about asking for help. One thing I have realised about life is many successful people are friends of each other. Mostly successful people are friends. They share ideas together, they ask each other for help where necessary. They seek advice from each other. That is what life is all about, asking for help to solve our problems. That does not mean we are failures, no! It only shows how strong we are.

Sometimes our ego and pride stops us away from asking for help but as soon as we are able to ask for help, it shows how strong we are to be able to suppress our pride and foolish ego.

Let also try and be with the right people who will give us good help and advice to help give us get better results for our problems. Some people around us will never give us any good help. They will only give us help that will sink us and break us for who we are, so let be careful of those we seek help from also. Always know that asking for help does not mean you are a failure, it only shows how strong you are.

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