Peace and Blessings be upon you This Ramadan

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Salam brothers and sisters

I wish this Ramadan, Allah fills your life with blessings

Today is the beginning of Ramadan here in Pakistan. Ramadan is a month of the Islamic calendar, but it is a special one cause when month begins, every Muslim starts fasting.

==> We don't eat or drink anything (starting from before sunrise, until after sunset) daily for a full month

==> give away charity, feed the poor, pray 5 times a day
==> quit bad habits, quit abusing others, quit bad attitude
==> It's a month of blessings
We often forget the lessons of Prophet and get betrayed but when the month of ramadan begins, it's the environment that is created all around us. and we start to embrace those values again and it puts us on track again.

There is so much more about this month, that I cannot explain in words. you need to feel it

Here are some quotes from Quran, and from the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H's sayings about Ramadan.

Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and all the Muslims in the world.

Bilal Haider

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happy ramadan


Thank you

Asslam o Alaikum bro @bilalhaider I am a new here dear so I need your support to me
thanks, I hope, for your support


I think he will not help you because he is not replying me from days


good bro


@sultanahmed walaikum salam, you need to support the platform, and it will support you.


@bilalhaider Thank you so much

May the year ahead be fulfilling for your family, and especially for you.
Wishing you a Happy Ramadan! @bilalhaider


Thanks for all the wishes :)

Ramadan mubaraq

ALHAMDULILLAH, we meet again with the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the moon which is full of pearls of wisdom. This is all thanks to Your blessings, ALLAH . Hopefully this Ramadhan can be better than the previous Ramadan...


Alhamd o lillah, and Insha Allah. it will be better for us.

Ramzan Mubarak


Khair mubarak :)

Ramazan Mobarak Alhamdulillah


Khair Mubarak, and Ramadan Mubarak to you as well :)

Happy Ramzan to you


Thanks :)

Be happy when Ramadan arrives.

The month of Ramadhan is full of blessings, the month of forgiveness, the month of the blessing of prayer, may the prayer we pray for be accepted by Allah


Yes :) indeed.