Lost self-esteem? this is why

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Everyone has honor and dignity, these dignity must be maintained as well as possible, wherever and whenever.people who do not maintain their dignity mean that they are showing their own bad and humiliation.

There are many causes of missing one's pride (dignity)

1.Actions are not in accordance with speech

Everyone has a personality and policy, if they are wise people, then they will keep their actions in accordance with their words, they always act on the path of the words they say.how many silly actions people who don't have a strong personality, they can only talk, be clever in expressing words. beautiful in speaking, but their actions violated their sweet words. Such actions will damage themselves. what if they are someone who has the rank and position. they are bosses, they are rulers, they are leaders, they set rules, they make rules, but their actions violate their words, what happens? their dignity and identity are broken,broken and broken.

2.Ignoring ignorance

What does it mean? "stupid" stupid on other people or ignorance.
They let others fall into ignorance, and they ignore it, they don't want to teach that fool, Even though they are smart, they know, they have more skills, they are senior. but they let others be stupid, they are reluctant to give knowledge to others, they are reluctant to teach others, they do not want to reprimand others. This is the cause of they loss of dignity and respect.

3.Break the rules

This regulation is not for be violated. but obeyed.
Regulations are made for order, security, benefit and welfare of a particular project or mission. Those who break the rules mean they show their humiliation and lack of dignity.

That is the rule, if you violate, that means you show your lack of dignity.

You are human, humans are noble because of dignity and self-esteem. so, keep dignity and your self-esteem (dignity)

Think about it

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